Semalt Expert Specifies How To Free Your Mac From Viruses

If one experiences a problem with own Mac, or worry that it may have malware, this post helps individuals remove it for free or cheaply. More importantly, there are the measures to make sure it does not happen again. It is highly unlikely that one has an infected Mac. However, the chances of transmitting it to a PC are quite high. It does not go to say that there are no malware programs designed for Macs. It is only that the most targeted users are those that use PC due to their abundance.

The popularity of the Mac in recent years has shifted the focus of malicious people with the targets on their back increasing every day. In this article, Julia Vashneva, the leading expert from Semalt, focuses on malware and viruses affecting Macs.

What is Malware?

Malware is different from malicious software such as the virus. The reason is that it does not enter into the computer without the user's knowledge. In most cases, it is disguised as legitimate software thus tricking the user. It may be in the form of an advert, or an email, that may convince the user to install a certain program. From then on, it gathers private information from the computer.

The problem with Mac malware is that it takes the very form of the things that one wishes to use against the problem such as an anti-malware software. Hackers take over legitimate websites and redirect the visitor to a different site where they pretend to scan and find malware on the Mac. In addition to this, it makes a software suggestion, which is a malware in itself. Pretending to scan and fix problems, it may ask to charge a fee.

Removing the Mac malware for free

Removing Mac software, or malware does not require the owner ever to spend a dime. Users are therefore advised not to enter their credit card information into any program or website claiming to have the solution to the computer problem.

While doing so, if a call from a person claiming to have found a malicious software on the computer comes through, it is a variation on the theme and would be best to end the call at once.

Here are things to do when a certain website pops up an alert claiming to have found malicious software:

1. Quit the browser.

2. Head on to the Downloads folder and drag all unwanted install files into the Bin.

3. Empty Trash.

If one has already installed malicious software by mistake, the following steps should assist:

1. Press "Command + Shift + U", to open the Utility folder.

2. Open the Activity Monitor and select all running processes.

3. Locate the name of the app on the list and click on "Quit Process".

4. In the Applications folder, find the app details and drag it to the Trash and empty it.

Protecting the Mac from malware

So far, the Mac is free of all malware, and it is only logical that one would want to prevent this from occurring again. The tips below will keep the Mac safe from future malware.

  • Keep the Mac updated at all times.
  • Switch on automatic updates.
  • Only use apps from trusted developers.
  • Install a Mac antivirus software.